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West Macdonnell Ranges, NT
West Macdonnell Ranges, NT


Working in partnership means sharing decision-making. It is central to our work and vital to achieving our purpose because it enriches our advice to government, thereby contributing to better outcomes for First Nations peoples.

In line with the commitments set out in the National Agreement on Closing the Gap, we partner with First Nations leaders, peoples and communities, and work alongside a broad range of stakeholders across all levels of government, as well as organisations across Australia. Our partnerships strengthen outcomes for First Nations peoples by sharing decision-making, achieving solutions, and realising economic and social development opportunities across local, regional and national levels.

The NIAA recognises that each community is unique. Our staff are based across Australia to work closely with First Nations leaders, communities, organisations and other partners. We make sure policies, programs and services address First Nations peoples unique needs and aspirations. We leverage local capability and investment to deliver on these needs and aspirations.

We play a central role at the national level to lead and coordinate Australian Government policy and influence all programs and outcomes being delivered to First Nations peoples and communities. The influential role we play rests on our inherent and underlying commitment to reconciliation in everything we do. Building and maintaining these cooperative relationships is key to the delivery of robust and considered advice to all stakeholders. We are developing a Commonwealth Engagement and Partnership Framework to support staff capability and set best practice standards of working in partnership with First Nations peoples and communities within the NIAA and across government.

"The influential role we play rests on our inherent and underlying commitment to reconciliation in everything we do."

Our stakeholders and partners

NIAA Stakeholders and Partners

First Nations peoples

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, Indigenous organisations, and Indigenous Elders

Non-government organisations

Service providers, Indigenous organisations, other organisations

Australian Government agencies

All departments and agencies including Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water, Attorney-General’s Department, Department of Finance, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and portfolio bodies


Indigenous and remote communities, Australian public

State, territory and local government

State and territory ministers, senior officials, local government associations


Peak bodies