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Karlu Karlu, NT
Karlu Karlu, NT

Our operating environment

We operate in a complex, uncertain, and constantly changing environment which presents a number of challenges and opportunities. We are committed to anticipating and responding to these trends proactively to ensure we continue to provide the greatest benefit to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. By understanding our operating environment we are able to take advantage of these opportunities and build our capabilities to deliver on our purpose.

Ongoing recovery from COVID-19

Dancers performing a traditional dance
A traditional dance being performed at the Garma Festival 2022 in North East Arnhem Land, Australia. Photo credit: Rob Willmett

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges to the health and livelihood of all Australians. The NIAA plays a key role working closely with lead agencies to help Indigenous communities, businesses and individuals build resilience and recover from these challenges. We will continue to provide support by focusing on critical issues such as the wellbeing of remote communities and ensuring everyone has access to the relevant government support. The pandemic continues to shape government priorities and influences how we work. We respond to these challenges by adapting the way we work and how we interact with our stakeholders to ensure we continue to fulfil our purpose.

Place-based work

Our geographical reach and presence in remote regions around Australia provides an additional complexity to our operating environment. Each community is unique and our regional presence allows us to work in place and respond to these unique needs and aspirations. Our teams are based across Australia to support working-in-place and to ensure effort and investment achieves the most benefit for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. We endeavour to ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are active partners in service delivery as well as policy and program design by considering place in everything we do.

The NIAA has both a service delivery and policy development role in Indigenous affairs. Our head office in Canberra (Ngunnawal Country) complements our regional presence and supports evidence-based approaches tailored to place. Our head office provides critical services and strategic support which enables us to build relationships with other government departments and ministers to facilitate our influence and engage in partnerships across all aspects of Indigenous affairs. Throughout the reporting period we will focus on unity, equality and acceptance of our shared history as Australians to continue to work effectively in and with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.