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Mt Hotham, Vic
Mt Hotham, Vic

Our corporate plan

How the elements of our plan interrelate.

Our corporate Plan

Our vision

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are heard, recognised and empowered.

Our purpose

The NIAA works in genuine partnership to enable the self-determination and aspirations of First Nations communities. We lead and influence change across government to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have a say in the decisions that affect them.

Our values

How we work is underpinned by our shared values:

  • We respect multiple perspectives
  • We are authentic
  • We are professional and act with integrity
  • We invest in each other’s success
  • We deliver with purpose

Our strategic objectives

We have 6 strategic pillars that enable us to achieve our purpose:

  • Building our influence
  • Identifying economic and human capital development opportunities
  • Building genuine partnerships
  • Investing to deliver the greatest benefit
  • Being a capable, engaged and united workforce
  • Using data and evidence to inform our approach

Our locations

Map of Australia Highlighting NIAA Regions

Our regional work and impact

In the NIAA, one of our most valuable assets is our regional presence — our staff who work closely with communities in urban, regional and remote locations. The regional presence ensures the NIAA supports the Australian Government to achieve its objectives of empowering and supporting the aspirations of First Nations peoples through building key partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, organisations, peak bodies and other strategic stakeholders. Our work allows us to value-add in place, including in response to emerging priorities, pandemics, and natural disasters.

We deliver these outcomes by building partnerships with First Nations communities to support the design and delivery of policy and programs that reflect the uniqueness of each community and their changing priorities. Our goal is to broker innovative local solutions. We achieve this through our deep understanding of place and our strategic stakeholder engagement. We influence all levels of government and connect First Nations peoples with opportunities across the public and private sector. By working closely with communities and organisations, we strengthen our ability to better deliver on their needs and aspirations.

NIAA Hobart office - Muwinina Country
NIAA CEO Jody Broun (third from left) with staff members of the NIAA Hobart office - Muwinina Country